Meet the Kids: Roudline


Roudline was just 9 years old when we took her in. Her mother had passed away when she was just 5, and her elderly father wasn’t able to provide for her. He had been taking odd jobs and selling things he found on the side of the road, but he simply couldn’t make enough money to feed them most days and he definitely didn’t have enough money to send her to school. There is no public education in Haiti, so parents must pay for school.

Since coming to live with us, Roudline has blossomed. She’s very intelligent and a hard worker who’s always reading a new book. She even represented her school in a nationally-televised spelling show!

Passionate about learning and helping others, she wants to become a doctor one day to help provide women with access to proper healthcare. Watching her sing, dance, play, and interact with the other kids, it’s hard to imagine the young girl that was once too shy to tell us her name!

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