Meet the Kids: Malika


Malika’s mother, after years of struggling to find work and provide for Malika and her younger brother Jeff, left them both with her sister and never returned. Taking care of them eventually became too much for their aunt as well, and she made plans to sell them as restavèks (unpaid indentured servants). A neighbor found out and we were able to intervene and bring them to live at The Vertile House.

Malika and her brother were so badly malnourished that they required regular blood transfusions, a special diet and extra medical care for several years. Her health has come a long way and she has worked hard to catch up in school.

Though she struggles with her abandonment, our counselor Junior gives her extra love and support to help her address her issues. Initially reserved when she meets new people, this sensitive, shy girl opens up over time. Now, she loves being with the other kids, laughs easily and really appreciates having a new family.

Though her past is painful, Malika is working hard to overcome it, growing more resilient every day. She’s grateful for everything she and her brother Jeff have at the house, and we’re so happy she’s with us!

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