Meet the Kids: Isabelle


Isabelle was young and very malnourished when she came to us. After her mother died, we heard that there was nobody else that could take care of her. Worried about her wellbeing, we took her in and offered her a safe place at The Vertile House.

Having had limited exposure to anything outside her home, Isabelle was very uncomfortable talking to others and anxious playing with the other kids at first. She’d never experienced activities like going to the park or or visiting the beach. She had also never been in school.

Now that Isabelle is safe, loved, healthy, and in school, she has transformed into a sociable kid who loves to dance. Her eyes sparkle when she gets to show off her moves, and she’s always at the front of any dance lesson. When she grows up, she wants to be a nurse that works for the biggest hospital in Haiti so she can help as many people as possible. Isabelle has come a long way from when we met her, and we know that her future is bright!

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