Our Story


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Born in Carrefour, Haiti, Vertile Changeux - our namesake - was a community leader. Throughout her life, she worked hard to strengthen her community by feeding the hungry and taking in children in need.

Inspired by her life’s work, her son re-opened her former home for abandoned children after the 2010 earthquake that left hundreds of thousands of kids homeless. Vertile’s compassion and dedication to serving others lives on in our mission today: providing safe housing, medical care, and education to the children of Haiti.


Haiti, The Greatest Need in the Western Hemisphere

Haiti is only 2 hours from Miami, yet is by far the poorest country in the western hemisphere with poverty and infrastructure on par with sub-Saharan Africa. After decades of corruption and natural disasters, 60% of Haiti and 3 million Haitian children live in extreme poverty. Most Haitian children are hungry and undereducated, and many have been abandoned. This is what life is like for Children in Haiti: