Before they came to us, Ezikiel and his younger brother Berwens were in the care of their father, who spent long days looking for work. Unable to afford childcare or school, the boys were left home alone, scrounging for any food they could find on the street in front of the shack where they lived.

Now that Ezikiel has a stable home, a consistent education, and a full belly, he’s one of the most energetic and outgoing kids at the house. He loves to play basketball and soccer, and he spends most of his free time on his bike.

A natural leader, he uses his charm and creativity to motivate the other kids. From making silly faces to improvising songs, he always gets them to go along with whatever he’s up to. He loves learning and teaching new coding tricks with BitsBox on the computer.

He’s driven in everything he does, and loves school. He hopes to become a pastor one day, or a famous soccer player like his hero Ricardo Kaká. It’s hard not to fall in love with this wonderful and helpful boy. We’re lucky to call him a part of our family!

Vertile House