Manshelove was one of the first kids we took in at The Vertile House. Her mother died when she was young, and her dad often left his young girl to take care of herself. When the major earthquake struck in 2010, Manshelove was just 7 years old. Home alone, she was buried in rubble as her house fell around her. She dug her way out and spent days wandering around, looking for help. When we took her in, she told us with tears in her eyes that she had nobody.

Now, she has a large family who cares deeply about her. This intelligent, sensitive young woman is grateful for everything she has, and is always eager to participate in any group activity. She excels at language and helps as a translator with English-speaking volunteers. She’s also quite driven and is a leader in the house, helping with chores, encouraging the younger kids, and setting an example with her academic performance.

This bright young lady wants to own her own dance studio one day. She enjoys teaching people, and wants to impact change on an individual level through her love of dance. Manshelove also wants to run a home like The Vertile House to help other kids just like her. No matter what she decides, the world will benefit from her passion and drive. We’re so proud of Manshelove!


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