Meet the Kids: Nechard


Nechard’s father brought him to us the day before he passed away. He was terminally ill and there was nobody else to care for his young boy. Due to his father’s illness, he struggled to provide for Nechard’s most basic needs like food and shelter, and Nechard was extremely malnourished. So much so, that he required regular blood transfusions and extra medical attention for several years after we took him in. Nechard’s health has steadily and greatly improved over his time at The Vertile House. We’re grateful that this then-frail little boy came into our care before it was too late.

With extra tutoring, he has also caught up in school and he has recently discovered a love for computers. He loves hugs and he also loves to sit quietly beside you and just be near you. Playing dominos, marbles, dancing and riding bikes are some of his favorite things. He’s a major entertainer who loves to tell jokes and dance. He’s self conscious about his teeth and often tries to hide his smile behind his hand, but that doesn’t stop him from laughing and smiling right along with the other kids.

Because of the loss of his father, he’s sensitive and can be serious, with a real fire within. He’s a strict rule-follower, and he encourages the other kids to toe the line, too. Even though Nechard can be feisty, he’s full of sweetness and joy. We love this young man, and are so glad he became a member of our family.

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