Thousands of schools were leveled in the 2010 earthquake and never rebuilt. Due to lack of quality schools, most kids don’t make it past 6th grade. Without an education, it’s nearly impossible to break out of poverty.

Only 61% of Haitians can read, and a staggering 60% live in poverty. This paints a clear picture: education is the key to breaking out of poverty.

80% don't get past 6th grade

75% of schools have no power

55% of schools have no toilets


We’re only $45k short of opening the school. Help us get there by September!


Our school is the first school of its kind, with:

  • Superior pay and training for teachers

  • Class sizes limited to 35

  • Technology in the classroom

  • Focus on employable skills


Future Projects

High School Expansion

To best serve our kids, we’ll need to expand our school beyond 9th grade. We’ll purchase additional property and build out more classrooms to fill the needs of our students.