Rico Changeux


Rico - Vertile’s son - moved to the U.S. from Haiti when he was ten years old. He opened his own dance studio in Boulder in 2008.

In 2010, after a devastating earthquake in Haiti, Rico established The Vertile Foundation. Named in honor of his late mother, he rebuilt his childhood home with the goal of providing a home for vulnerable children in the area.


Melissa Roza


Melissa began her career in investment banking, eventually consulting for tech startups. Since then, she’s owned two award-winning businesses.

She’s worked with several nonprofits in various capacities, managing strategy, marketing, fundraising, and event planning.


Colin Forkin

Colin built his career working directly with Fortune 100 companies. He put this business acumen to good use, investing in several Denver-based restaurants, including Masterpiece Deli and Red Bear American Meats.

Colin's strong business foundation, pragmatic approach, and strategic focus on sustainable business practices will help Vertile grow and continue to impact change for the kids and the larger community.


Serina Ojala

Serina has held Accounting, Finance and Strategic Consulting roles with Grant Thornton, EKS&H and several startups. She has a passion for accounting, earning both Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from CU Boulder.

Serina has worked with several nonprofits and is particularly excited to positively impact the lives of the Vertile children in Haiti.


Claire Mulholland

Claire has a strong background in marketing, working with clients to help focus and communicate their benefit to their client base.

She’s worked with several nonprofits, most recently running a program designed to empower impoverished members of the community.


Steve Hatzis

Steve began his career in management consulting, eventually transitioning to work with tech start-ups in partnerships, products, and business development. Most recently, he managed multi-billion dollar P&L at Asurion.

Steve worked with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as a mentor to boys suffering from blood-related cancers, and assisted with fundraising. His strong business and analytical background will help Vertile make a difference for the children it serves.


Garlise Boni

Originally from Haiti, Garlise is proud to represent the needs and experiences of the Vertile kids. Passionate about helping people in need, he works in Boulder’s Division of Housing in the affordable housing department, and volunteers with the Mokomba African Dance Ensemble, a dance group that raises money to maintain a library in Ghana.

Garlise has played a pivotal role at Vertile, fundraising and helping organize events.